Update some of the older textures

Hello :wave:
In December the hive updated the costume for hive+
So why not other costumes like the time owl, it’s looks a bit plain and an update would be nice,people who already have a year login streak would get both costumes and ppl who get a year login streak after the update would only get the revamped version.
Also the texture for the gifts dropped in hub could be rewamped too
Thanks for reading this and have a nice day :blobheart:
hopefully this ain’t a dupe cuz I couldn’t find other suggestions like this.


Yeah a good suggestion :smiley:


I prefer the older textures as it is more og. That’s why some costumes are so special…not because their looks, but their history



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I completely agree with Hudson, even though blue elf is super… interesting looking, I still love it and don’t want it to change, and also this isn’t really something hive should spend time on imo
I’m aware you would get both costumes I just don’t want it to change idk how to explain

I was only talking about replacing the time owl
Other than that I hope they update the gift box and stuff like that cuz they just scream 2019

Pretty much all of the 2018/“og” hive players wouldn’t like that, as it’s nostalgic and wouldn’t make sense to change


Bump. I think rhe hives old costume like the fox and assasin are a bit bland and boring