Update LTMS every year

I think it would be good if hive updates their LTMS. It doesnt have to be a massive update but I think some new items and mechanics should be implemented in their LTMS every year. Imo there is no point of maxing an LTM if ive already maxed it before (other than the cosmetics which im not to keen on getting)

Im not really a fan of hive spending a lot of time and effort into creating these hunts for a cosmetic as they would only take a few minutes to complete. Instead of updating their LTMS with new maps or mechanics etc

while ur reading this, it would be nice to have ground wars back every now and then since I havent actually maxed it before, thankss


it’d also make them more popular, since people know they won’t be able to play this certain type of the mode again.

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Good idea. It becomes boring to grind LTMs after you played 5 games. They really should change that; you got my vote! :+1:t2:

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I like your idea of changing the game modes up a bit (snow wars: maybe for 1 year they make the bow a cross bow or something), but I don’t know why we would start back at the level we were the year before. That might be a bit excessive and I think it might be more fun just to start from zero.


You really don’t like the hunts? The hub hunt in October had really cool mini games in the hub, and the winter one currently has a parkour in a cave and snow balls you can throw. You also get a lot of stuff from both hunts when you complete. I don’t see the hive stopping their (amazing) hunts just for a few changes in a game

I dont think ive said that? It’ll still reset ur lvl every year (thats what I had in mind)

I do but I just dont like it that they spend most of their update on the hunts which would only take a few minutes to complete where as they could update their LTM and have a lot more people playing it for longer