Update hive forum rules

So yeah, the hive forums is really great. The only thing that upsets me is one of the rules. Your not allowed to repeat other suggestions that were said by other people. It is KIND OF understandable but to make it better maybe we are not allowed to repeat a thread that was said by someone as long it’s not active?

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What is the point in repeating a suggestion again though? If you have something to add to it, reply to the original one. I don’t think there is really any need to recreate a suggestion just because someone’s is inactive.
Sorry if this sounded harsh btw.

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On occasion if the new suggestion is more detailed moderators might keep that one instead

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I thought they would just merge the two together, that’s a feature in discourse.

To my knowledge, they haven’t done it often

Well, it’s fine. And that’s where we come to necro-post rule.

I understand where you’re coming from on not repeating suggestions, however if this wasn’t a rule there’d be a lot of repeats like in-game reporting or duels or a new rank. Even if it’s older, you are still able to add-on or vote on a suggestion, so duplicates wouldn’t be necessary.

For necro-posting, I will present you with this,

All of the rules are pretty updated, and there’s clarifications on what rules apply to where in many places. If you are ever confused you are welcome to refer back to the rules page or even message a staff member :blobheart:


Thank you for your info! I hope you have a nice day/night

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