Up the amount of players to start a game

Although I’m an ex-treasure wars leaderboard player on Hive, something that I’ve noticed is that the amount of players needed to start a game is ridiculously low, since my main region is Europe, at night it was quite easy to farm wins in squads as 2 players would join the game and a 4v1v1 against a party is quite literally 30 second wins, (i was more pissed off because I couldnt get 7 final kill games) then again i was punished by it for having to wait an hour for one game to start at like 4am.
An easy solution by the player would be to switch to a different region that isnt EU but thats the thing as I’m saying this strategy by switching regions EU and ASIA (even NA in some cases but thats really rare) can easily be abused to get wins e.g afking on alt accounts on your phone (also known as boosting, not the cheater boosting dont get them mistaken thats another problem but a different thing) but my suggestion is to make it so you at least need 75% of a full lobby of players to start a game (the amount you need in solos) all modes will increased in this amount to start a game:
Solos - stays the same (6/8 players)
Duos - 6/16 players12/16 players
Trios - 6/12 players9/12 players
Squads - 6/16 players12/16 players

I think this suggestion isnt a bad suggestion a lot of grinders that come from other regions go to different regions to abuse getting wins and using afk alt accounts to boost.
Hopefully this gets added I genuinely think this would be a good thing (hoping i dont get hate im dms from lb grinders cuz i suggested this lol)

im not trying to say people should get punished by having to play on high ping if they get high ping to all other regions except their own I dont wanna explain smoke is coming out of my brain rn but i hope u get what i said lol

Have a great day - conninq

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I didn’t even know this was a thing before, but dam, you got my vote!

(also, if this happens, you can just report them)

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Agreed but it might piss some grinders off

conninq back with another suggestion wow just promo in welfare discord, free votes

6 teams is a lot, queues will never fill up when you a NA region player go on AS where it’s 4am

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Im europe, not north america and thats the point so games arent easy (if you read the whole thing you would see me mentioning how my own region EU becomes dead :slight_smile:)