Undoing a submission of a report

In just build sometimes I accidentally report a build for the wrong reason, and I’m sure many players happen to do this too, when I try to re-report the build after making a mistake this shows up:
Hive should let players go into the reporting process again after submitting a report just incase a player reported for a wrong reason, or even if a player accidentally reported a build when it doesn’t violate any rules, players should be able to undo the report

It doesn’t really matter since the report is viewed by a moderator, who is mature enough to understand if this was a false report and the build isn’t inappropriate

Further being able to report multiple times in a game could just create spam if this was misused

Honestly the most effective way to report a user in just build currently, is to screenshot the build and report it on our discord
This way we can ensure your report is looked into, and another report can always be submitted there. Either way, reporting a player for the wrong reason is okay, and we can easily tell!