Unable to start new quests

Affected Service (Game name, hub, or global):
Quest Master (hub), in all three regions (my primary region is EU), in both main spawn and city

What is the bug?
I am unable to start new quests. I get a chat message that selected quest is active, but the sign above QM remains a yellow exclamation mark, upon reclicking i get the same “select your quest” field as if nothing happened, and doing things for selected quests is not registered.

It started yesterday. I got three 20QP quests done before going for a break. After few hours I got back and selected 30QP quest “Get 4 kills in Hide and Seek in one game”. After winning as hider in first game, I got 4 kills on second try, but I noticed that those were not registered on chat messages. I am aware that some games are bugged like that, but after game I went back to Quest Master to make sure if they registered. I was surprised to see that my quest was not active at all, as if I never selected it. I selected the same quest again, got chat message that quest is active, then reclicked QM and got the same list of quests to select, instead of 0/x completion info/cancel quest panel. Then I changed the “selected” quest to a 10QP one, but the same thing happened.

I had this problem since. I thought it would fix itself after day change, but I still get the same problem, despite having a new list of quests to “select” from. Changing regions does not fix anything either.

Device(s) & Version
Windows 10, Bedrock v1.19.83

Screenshots and/or video:
Screenshot of me getting three quest selections in a row, but QM “not noticing”, should be in attachment (at least I hope it’ll be there, it’s my first time posting here lol)

Hey there,

Thanks for submitting a bug report.

We experienced some issues with the quest system yesterday, these issues have now been resolved :tada:

Apologies for the inconvenience, have a great day!

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