Tutorials for Beginners

Idea: Add a tutorial for new players

More information: Have you ever been in a game of treasure wars with a new player who stands on the gold gen and collects a full stack before ever doing anything? Ever saw a level one death frantically smash the teleport stick onto the trap glass all while never using the teleport? Ever been shot by a sheriff not knowing the objective isn’t to kill everyone? Then this is the suggestion for you. Introducing the Hive Tutorial!

The Hive Tutorial is simple; any time a level 1 player goes to join a game they have never played they will be taken to a quick totorial to learn the basics of the game. Below is a list some of the basics that I believe will help Hive’s Newbees

  1. Treasure Wars
    The treasure wars tutorial will go as follows; explain the mode and objective of the mode, show the player the gold generator, turn on the gen and let them get only five gold, take them to the shop, run over all the basics of shop, economy, and gen bot, tell them to buy blocks, let them bridge to a diamond island, let them bridge to mid, give them a sword, pickaxe, and auto bridger, let them go to a fake base with minimal treasure defense so they can break it, then let them “eliminate” npcs.
  2. Survival Games
    Survival games is a easy one to get into since there’s really not much to it.
    Simply let them spawn in, tell them the basics of the mode, let them loot a crate, cache cow, and supply drop, take them to deathmatch, and finally let them kill an npc for the win.
  3. Deathrun
    You’d think this one should be easy to learn, but I can’t tell you how many times I see people either 100% of the time run into every trap including already activated poison traps or never figure out death.
    This one will tell you the basics, spawn you as runner, let you go through a few traps (including poison trap), have a fake death kill them before reaching a portal, let them get to the next portal, spawn them as death, tell them how to use the teleporters and traps, let them kill an npc, and then its over.
  4. Murder Mystery
    This one is a simple but very informative tutorial.
    First spawn them in as Innocent, tell them to run around and collect coins but to be careful around people, let them collect 10 coins to get a bow, drop a sheriff hat saying “the sheriff has died”, let them pick up the hat then explain that sheriff spawns with a bow and has an infinite zapper, let them shot at an npc, have that one be an innocent and warn them to avoid shotting until they see either a sword or a nether star and that if they have a bow the are innocent, spawn them in as murderer, tell them the basics like that it’s best to only switch to sword to slay then put it away and avoid crowds, then finally let them win as murderer.
  5. Hide and Seek
    Again, one that’s pretty self explanatory but I never fail to see at least one person a day not know how to play the game.
    This one is simple, spawn them in a small room and tell them to blend in with a block of their choice, give them the option to taunt so they can learn what it does before they make the mistake of giving away their position, then spawn them as seeker, warn them not to hit too fast, and have a not so hidden block for them to find. End of tutorial.
  6. Seasonal Games
    Never forget to have a tutorial for the seasonals as well.

Now I know what some of you are thinking; “why? Why hold their hands, just let them figure it out or leave. Besides, it’s funny to watch them figure it out.” Normally I’d say yeah, you’re right, but you have to realize; a lot of these players are anywhere from 6 to 12 years old, maybe younger, maybe older. This is a game for the whole family after all. I’d hate for some kid to get on, never figure anything out, and have their whole Hive experience ruined. Besides, I’ve also thought of a neat reward for completing all the tutorials

The Hive Sergeant Costume: has the appearance of an army drill sergeant, but is a bee.

On a final note, already existing player should have the option to go through the tutorials just for the lols and maybe to get the costume above.

Honestly , there isn’t tutorials needed. The minigames are pretty straight forward.

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I feel like these tutorials go too much into strategies. I think murder mystery and DR are the only ones that need mechanics explained, as the twars one is only on strategy

You’d think but like I said, I can’t tell you how many times I run into people who just have no clue at all what they’re doing.

I do agree with this, I think its been suggested in one form. However at some point its just your teammate being annoying/stupid and the hive can’t do much about that

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I feel you—you know how people wait for 25 at the start of the game, buy an autobridger and completely miss the island they wanted it to go to?

Sadly we can’t do much to prevent this, it’s an intended part of a game—to rush with more materials.


So? They don’t need a tutorial for it. They can learn and play how ever they want.


I would like this to be implemented. I mean, if you played DR for the first time in the Hive’s Java server, it would have a short tutorial explaining your objective.

Yeah but that’s on Java. Not Bedrock. I honestly believe we don’t need tutorials for players. They join first and they learn like everyone else did at the dawn of civilization. They play however they feel they wanna play.

I mean I get your point, but honestly the fact that Java had/has one reinforces my point further. Bedrock is easily accessible to mobile, all consoles, and pc, hence why there’s a vastly larger audience of children compared to Java. Besides, it can’t possibly hurt anything other than the amount of space required for all the coding and whatnot. I think bringing the community, big and small, will help improve the server.

You play DeathRun?

You know how many people don’t know the objective of the game?


Yeah, but the tutorials should only show basic info and objectives(not strategies in twars)

All fun and games til you get 15v1’d by leaderboard players in your tutorial game