Turn The Sonic Game Into The Lab

The new Hive Sonic Update brought many features. One of these features was a game. The game, Sonic Party Games is similar to an old underrated game that was on the Hive Java called “The Lab”. In the the lab the idea is simple. 3 minigames are chosen to play at random. It is the same thing with sonic party games. My idea is simple. Once the sonic update is over the game is changed to the lab. All the sonic games would stay they may just need to have the music changed to something else. It could also bring other games that were part of the original, the lab, game. These games could include: Pig Racing, Wack A Mole, and Electric Floor. In my opinion this is a good idea.

Sounds like a great idea, you have got my vote.

Well, mixed arcade is going to be released “soon” and it’s probably gonna be extremely similar to the lab


I am not certain but guessing that sonic is only lasting two weeks as it has copy rights and Hive/ minecraft only had a certain time to use Sonic DLC to celebrate there 30 years but after that time Hive and minecraft can’t use anything from Sonic. So if they wanted to have a game like labs or keep the sonic party games most things would likely have to change such as the characters, coins, hub exc.

Oh, so Mixed Arcade then
It legit coming soon

Yes I agree, but mixed arcade is coming soon. So I think that may be similar to sonic party games and the lab.