Trusted Members Discord Role

There are so many helpful people on the hive discord server that aren’t active on forums… perhaps they should be recognized

So I thought that it would be good idea to have a trusted member role on the discord server, this role would not be a “staff” role, it would just show players who are seeking help that these people are fairly trustworthy, It would be the discord version of regular on these forums, forum members with the regular role on the forums would get the trusted member role as well if they are also on the discord server. People would apply for this role and bedrock (or java) helpers/moderators could vouch for members depending on how reliable the users information is…

Hopefully this makes sense :slight_smile:

We always welcome community members to help out! I don’t feel a rank is needed. It would likely cause unnecessary controversy and negativity.


Agreed. If this were to only be given to specific members, you’d probably find a lot of users asking for the role :thinking:


i would quite like a fancy name colour in the discord :thinking:

have a vote!

just be sure to take into consideration of what Orbi and Pixel said :)


Take my vote my man! This seems cool!

Also, please don’t sign your posts. Your name is shown in your post, and your discord tag can be set in your Bio. Thanks!


so… a minimod role?


Wow… That’s one way to say it :frowning:

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