Trouble In MineVille on bedrock

Murder mystery and TIMV
Add Trouble In MineVille to bedrock

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However Hive have said that TIMV was too complex for young people so they switch it to Murder Mystery. (Though I really hope they could add it)
Bedrock has many children you know

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Yes agreed

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The hive has already announced that they are not going to add this game because if the complexity of the game.

Basically what crystalline said above!



How does Trouble work? Someone pointed out that there’s a reference to it on Hide and Seek and in the map “China Town”. Just hope to get a lil’ info on it. That’s all :>

i would like TIMV in bedrock, i wonder if it could be simplifed enough where people can understand it but not too similar to Murder Mystery


If it is, the remaining are here:

It is a wonderful game and much more exciting than Murder Mystery


I understand now on how ppl might get confused on all the rules and how the hive just stuck with murder mystery.

Thank you :>