Trophy Case


I think a good addition to the hive would be a trophy case for players. There could be two different ways to do it. One is if it was found to be better privately displayed, then each player could only see their own trophy case and it would be added somewhere such as a room in the castle. Option two would be if it were wanted to be displayed publicly, you could see it by clicking on a player’s profile, or it could also be in a room in the castle. If it were in a room in the castle, the Trophy cases could change for each player based on other players in their recent game lobbies or by people in the hub lobby that they are in.

More information:

Ideas for trophies I had are max levels in minigames, influencer title trophies based on their influencer platform, staff ranks, and top positions on the leaderboards. Thank you for any feedback and/or consideration this might receive!

Seems like it could cause lag but I’ll vote. :smile:

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is there a way that maybe it would cause less lag? my suggestion is open-ended and it can be improved :grinning:

It probably wouldn’t cause that much lag, but rendering a lot of trophies might cause problems. Idrk if it would, it was just an observation. (Also I really like this idea. :smile:)

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It could just be a menu you can open up with multiple tabs to see certain things such as leaderboard spots, max games, and when you first played a certain game.

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