Treasure Wars Translation 🇪🇦

I have played in Spanish And I have been surprised that the vast majority of things in the store are not translated
I made it as suggestion bc it’s not a Bug report

Here’s a list of the whole Menu translated at Spanish:
Blocks = Bloques:
Wool = Lana
Concrete = Concreto
Andesite = Andesita
Auto-Bridge = Puente Automático
EndStone = Piedra del Fin/End

Weapons = Armas
Stone Sword = Espada de Piedra
Iron Sword = Espada de Hierro
Diamond Sword = Espada de Diamante
Bow = Arco
Arrows = Flechas

Armors = Armaduras
Chainmail Armor = Armadura de Malla
Iron Armor = Armadura de Hierro
Diamond Armor = Armadura de Diamante
Fall Boots = Botas de Caída
Tools = Herramientas
Stone Pickaxe= Pico de Piedra
Iron Pickaxe= Pico de Hierro
Stone Axe = Hacha de Piedra
Iron Axe = Hacha de Hierro
Shears = Tijeras

Special/s = Especial/ es
Ender Pearl = Perla de Ender
Snowball = Bola de Nieve
Golden Apple = Manzana Dorada
Knockback TNT = TNT de Empuje
Compass = Brújula Or Localizador = Locator/Tracker
Chorus Fruit = Fruta Coral

All these words are Correct bc that’s how they are called when u play in Spanish

Plus one:
In Hide and Seek, u could translate the Taunt Menu for Menu de Provocaciones, it’s more long, but more Approved :wink:

I don’t see the downside to this so…


third day without receiving a reply from Hive Staff :pensive:

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That’s probably because a lot of staff don’t use forums on weekends, and most posts don’t get a response from staff

You should put this in the translators section.

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Read the first line of the post

I tried, but it won’t let me change it

@AculAce and @Victor7447776

Yes this isn’t a bug report, but it is a translation report.
The Hive Staff seem to be focusing alot on fixing bugs and translation errors, so they would filter through posts that are specifically bug reports, or translation reports.

If you can’t change the post, make a new one with all the translation errors, but actually make it a translation post.

He did and splodg3r said that it shouldn’t go in translation bug reports, because you’re only meant to say a translation error, not English text that hasnt been translated. I just assumed people knew that

hive staff rarely reply in suggestions without closing them

The team also try to translate everything and them not doing that is just due to time restraints

We are aware of text that hasn’t been translated yet, rest assured we are working hard to add translation support for all of the remaining text. Once we have added support for the text that hasn’t been translated, our external translators will translate the strings.

We ask that you only report issues with existing translations, and do not report missing ones. Be sure to check out our support page (Translations on The Hive) and this post for more information. :blobheart:

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