Treasure Wars Shop Glitch

Affected Service (Game Name: Treasure wars):
What was affected - ASIA, i believe this happens to everymap. but the map it occured again for me was in Sandstorm

What is the bug?
so in treasure wars shop when you try to buy auto bridgers in free shop or just in normal game faster you get urself blocks instead of auto bridgers and it fills up the inventory with it, even if you buy a little slower sometimes it still occurs, i dont know if it happens with some other items in the shop too.

Device(s) & Version

Screenshots and/or video:


Hey there :wave:

Thank you for taking the time to report this. It has been logged and you can look forward to a fix in a future update.

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Hey there,

Thanks for submitting a bug report.

This issue is sadly down to the behavior of the Minecraft client itself, and unfortunately isn’t something that we can fix.

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