Treasure Wars Prestige 5

so someone finally hit prestige 5 and i was kinda disappointed that the colour of prestige 5 is magenta, i mean look at all the other colours

Prestige I - Iron (Grey)
Prestige II - Gold (Yellow)
Prestige III - Diamond (Blue)
Prestige IV - Emerald (Green)
Prestige V - ??? (Magenta)

like it doesn’t have a theme it would’ve made more sense if the last colour was red which stands for ruby

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Magenta is Amethyst I believe. Rubys aren’t in Minecraft.

Could anyone show me a photo of the Prestige 5 icon?



wait no shot did someone actually do it

the gab guy yeah

i respect the grind, but he needs some serious help 0_o


the colour looks so ugly imo

he had people help him grind on his acc and he had boosters so he would get double the XP, thats why hes Prestige 5

in all honesty i do agree, but then again what else do you expect? you get a little icon next to your name

the question is, would u rather magenta at 5 or something higher, bc theyre eventually gonna run out of colors and probs gonna add new designs