Treasure wars mega issue

Treasure wars mega before the game starts.

A helper or Youtube rank can do a party with 12 players and the issue is treasure wars mega starts with 12 players and if no one joins it will be a 12 vs 0 and it can be used for free wins which is unfair and the game ends after 30 seconds.

I play on PS4 version 1.20.72 but i tjink it doesn’t matter to this issue.

No evidence but the team or other players can try it out that the game starts with 12 people and in a party where the owner a helper or youtube rank is causes it to a 12 vs 0.


Hello :wave:

Thanks for submitting a bug report.

As this is quite a rare scenario we aren’t looking at fixing this issue, however, if you believe you have found someone abusing this, don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] with any relevant evidence so we can look into it.

Happy Hiving :slightly_smiling_face: