Treasure Wars Glitching Into Blocks Bug Report

Affected Service (Game name, hub or global):
Treasure Wars

What is the bug?
I have seen player glitch into blocks. For example: On the snow globe map, there are tiny islands between base sand diamond summoners. I was chasing someone and they glitched into that island. They would jump and hit me. Eventually, they knocked me off the island and won the game! Also, I was playing on the Ruins map and two players glitched into the big box behind their base. I could break the block beneath me to see them, but I could not get in to kill them. Eventually the time ran out and we tied.

Screenshots and/or video:
I could not get a video/screenshot as it rarely happens, but affects the game largely.

I know a few wall clip glitches which rely on lag and that’s the reason. If you mine a block that can’t be mined, if you don’t have good ping you can go through the wall before the block reappears.

Another one that relies on lag that I discovered is this:

Run diagonally into a wall and before collision, place a block under you while turning your head 360°. I have only achieved this with 600 ms ping.

This isn’t a glitch. It’s your wifi that’s too good.

If you see people doing this report it’s banable to do it