Treasure Invincibility

Basically Once in a game, for 10 emeralds, you can by a Treasure Invincibility, which lasts for 30 seconds and makes it so where opposing teams can’t break your treasure. But you can only use it once in a game.

Part of what makes treasure wars fun is the choice players have between defending, looting, and attacking.

Defending your treasure with blocks should be the only way of defending in my opinion, (other than killing the opponent) and this would deem placing a large defence unnecessary.


I really can’t see this ever being used, seems pointless. Costs way too much for 30 seconds, id rather buy a sword just to kill them instead. But! The concept is cool, I can see this working with it adding health to it. Like you buy it once and it just makes it have 30 health forever.


bruh, diamond armor cost 27 emeralds!