Trapper Kit Nerf

The so called “Trapper” kit whic gives you a invisible book every 30 seconds can be abused and used to prolong the game. I’ve experienced this a couple of times, and its a bit infuriating and annoying.

As a suggestion; the books should no longer be given once there are 2 mins left of the game.

Just report them…? I don’t see why.
Just to make you think: if Trapper gets removed last 2 minutes, an update also should remove:

  • Void Walker’s Ender Pearls
  • Baller’s Snowballs
  • Panik’s invicible
  • Trapper’s Book + S h o v e l
  • Builder’s Autobuilder + helmet

Onestly it doesn’t seem a good idea…

Hope you understand.


I feel like the the fact they give particles and no longer have armor protection is enough personally.


there are kits for a reason if you dont like them dont play kits play normal SW

@Blockbyblock98 While I disagree with this post I have to say that’s a pretty poor assessment. just because theres another mode doesn’t mean the other mode shouldn’t go through improvements.


Yeah, I agree with David on this one. The whole point of the trapper is to, well, trap, and removing the spell would basically be equivalent to removing the entire kit.


a player did this on purpose and i couldnt kill them

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You can change the texture file of the particle to make it super obvious

Thats pretty much just cheating ._.

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