Towering Heights (New hub game)

OK so this idea is based on a minigame from Mario Party Island Tour, but I think it could work well on Hive. This would be a hub game in the main hub and would be a tall, creepy tower towards the edge of the town, about where the Halloween parkour was.
The idea is you climb the tower doing various activities and completing challenges. (These could include boss fights, minigames, or both.) However, you can’t just do the whole thing at once. You have to do challenging quests (like the current quests, but a lot harder. For example: Deal 300 bow damage in bridge.) in the existing minigames to unlock more floors. This could even be a part of the quests v2 update.
There would be 100 or more floors, but you can’t really put that many in the hub, so I suggest a portal on the bottom floor that warps you to a new map where the actual game would be.

I love mario


I doubt they will add so much to a hub game, but I would love to see this in a wario-ware style, but elimination based. (One fail and you’re out( minerware has so much potential but it is plagued by doodoo games sooooo hive please save it))

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My hope or this is that it would be either a standalone update or part of another one. It could work well with quests v2.

again, they likely won’t add any more than ten floors if it were a hub game, so id rather see a dedicated game.
non pvp games can still be fun to people that prefer pvp games, as block party has shown

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If it was its own game that would be great! Perhaps the tower could be the npc instead.

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maybe you could hide it behind the door at the throne and work your way down because there needs to be some use of that secret door. Voted :sunglasses: