Touch/PE Queuing

As we all know Treasure wars is a fun, competitive minigame. But, unfortunately, there is no Touch Only Queuing. Plz add Touch Only Queing to Treasure Wars, there is Touch queuing on skywars. Why im telling this is i experience most of the players in treasure wars is pc players like 8/10. As I play on mobile, its impossible to win matches because of pc players.
Plz understand this topic and add Touch Queuing on treasure wars as there is no touch queuing on treasure wars (sorry for long speech)


the problem is there is touch only queuing but ppl connect their keyboards to their phone/tablets so they can play easier and hence u play with kb and m players

We already have separate queues for touch players in treasure wars just like in skywars.

It’s likely that there might be less than 400 players playing on that gamemode or what @gaminthunder said. We are working on separating the players who play on keyboard & mouse/ controller on a touch device.
For any further questions please message me :grin: