Toppers (PLS READ)

Idea: I thnk it would be super cool if hive added like a little person that could sit on your sholder, and they could call it a topper.
I think they could add this in the coming years and make it plushie for it (perhaps a mailbot topper??) Just like the hive did with the cubee plushie and the endolotl plushie. There would aslp be a hub title and avatar that came with it, and they could also release more toppers.
I think this would be a super cool idea and let me know what everyone thinks of it. (Also if someone could make me a model of a topper that would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

It sounds cool, but too similar to hats.

Also, this would mean that any costume layer and the shoulder will be removed, making the costume look really odd.

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Well done, da dude dat I quoted is happy

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