Too much time breaking a failed build?

have you created something and then realized you don’t like it but there isn’t enough time to break it all? then a /clear command would come in handy! it would clear the entire canvas, floor included !

Wouldn’t a stupid teammate in duos just ruin everything with it??
Maybe in duos both people need to do it?


True, maybe there could be a menu that pops up and says like “Teammate A has requested to clear the build, Yes, No.”


Or maybe on solos only because having another person is enough to break blocks while you/your teammate builds


Pixel they are suggesting a clean canvas command, not inventory.

I wouldn’t use this too much since most of the time I know what to do when I see the theme, but it’s a really great idea! And you called the plot a canvas!!

The other post is talking about the normal /clear command

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I think that will be great
And also can they fix the water physics

this wouldn’t be great on duos but on solos it would work.

does it bother you

I need this bc sometimes i make a huge mess then i need to break the blocks but it takes too long

also i think it should be /clearbuild bc /clear clears ur inv