Toggle for murder role

Make some sort of toggle, whether it be a command or something in your hotbar that lets you completely disable yourself from being able to get murder. Not all players enjoy being the murder, a feature like this would better the odds for players who do want to become the murder and prevent forfeits from players who became murder when they didn’t want to be.

there was a suggestion abt this for hide and seek too and i think this is a great idea

Being the murderer in Murder Mystery is part of game, like seeking in Hide and Seek. :thinking: Imagine if a party of 8 players all disabled the queue for being the murderer, only 8 other players could be the murderer and it would be a lot easier to identify who it is.

Murder Mystery roles are percentage-based and you only get to be the murderer every about 16 games while other games (e.g. Hide and Seek, DeathRun) are fully luck-based and you could be the seeker or death several games in a row (murderer or sheriff twice in a row is extremely rare).

If players who aren’t the greatest murderer could toggle it, it simply wouldn’t be a “mystery” game anymore, as only/more sweaty players who kill everyone within a minute would have higher chances of being the murderer. Having a perfect balance between good and bad murderers is what the game is about I guess… <3


While I agree with @Rechenheft, I do think that this toggle would benefit the community. If you don’t enjoy murderer, the game can still be fun if you are playing the other roles. From my experience, murderers queueing as soon as they get the role is one of the worst things in mm. Maybe another solution is some way to give murderer to another player if you don’t want to be it. I’m sure there’s other people much more willing.

Edit: this is all coming from someone who loves being murderer.

and what happens when all 16 players do this?
(i got 3 death in a row and 2 murder and after this 1 sheriff)

Why would you play murder mystery if you don’t like getting murderer though? There’s not a lot of detective work compared to a game like among us. It’s basically just collect coins and wait til you see someone with a knife and kill them. I get you might want it, but personally I would just play a different game if I didn’t want to get murderer.

(This goes on top of what rechenheft said)

This is a good Idea but I do think that there should be a cooldown. So once every 30 minutes you can use it again. Meaning you will have to go through 6 more games without using the command. Than you could go back and use it again if you do become murderer. The Command should be only available to 4 players at once also. to avoid everyone using the command in one whole game. otherwise. voted!