Timer For Every Game

Could we have a timer for every game? I speedrun the Hive a lot and there is a good size community of pple who do the same, but Deathrun is the only game that has a timer, would it be possible for a timer to show you how fast you finished a game in every Minigame?

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Just use the starting amount of time and subtract

also remember to make this a suggestion.

Well it would be ease of access

Yeah you should put this in #suggestions


doesn’t every game already have a timer smh. Just look in the top right lol

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he means how long u took to win/complete the game

But if you are speedruning, you need to submit a replay to speedrun.com, so you can just time that.

I think adding a timer in game would make your screen too cluttered, and make it harder to see.

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Well if u look at deathrun it tells u your finished run time as soon as u complete the game, thats more or less what I would like