This japanese sentence is not correct

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Global locker on hub.

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This sentence is not correct. I think when Japanese players read this sentence,they will interpret as all items that they have gotten will be gone just as they pushed this button probably.

If my sentence that i suggested was applied,misunderstanding such as above will not happen.
Also,Japanese player will be able to understand thing that this sentence means removing current item that equiped by player by applying this sentence i suggested.

In addition,「アンロック」means 「ロックの解除」.
This expression is not correct obviously.
Because this sentence is including word that means「解除」twice.
Therefore i am sure that this sentence should be turned into 「現在の装備を解除します」.

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Thanks for submitting a report about an issue with our translations!

After discussions with our translators, we have decided that the current text doesn’t need to be changed, as it matches the English string, and correctly conveys the intended meaning.

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