Things to fix

i have suggested things that should be fixed in bedwars

I HIGHLY suggest these and so of a few of my friends

  1. Price and gens - the price of shops is way to high to do with the gens. and the gens splitting arent done right.

I HIGHLY suggest these and so of a few of my friends

  1. The pvp is so off putting. its like lifeboat pvp. What makes hive unique is the type of pvp they use compared to others . and the sword damage is different

  2. the dory is too annoying and op. i suggest a stick with less kb than dory.

  3. Fireballs dont work properly at all i suggest fixing them

  4. there’s no tnt so i would suggest adding it

  5. I would like to request a hot bar fix- so like we can do it si that you dont need to always move blocks and sword to your hot bar. it will automatically do it.

  6. you need to do more things with diamonds . hardly anything with the amount given

  7. Various tools. AND THE HEIGHT LIMIT OMG , The height limit is so short . i really would like to request you increase it a vast amount

9/. shop category similar to hypixels would be better.

  1. My last suggestion is the way the shop sounds are . i think you should put a setting to disable them or get rid of them completely. I also think the shops should be similar to TW’s as it was simpler and just clicks than drags. (in a way)

Thanks for reading

  1. I agree with shop prices, but I think gen splitting is done pretty good.

  2. Idrk

  3. I think Dory is pretty good, probably one of the only good shop prices, its balanced enough for it not to be a pain.

  4. What do you mean by don’t work properly?

  5. I agree

  6. That seems like it could be annoying in certain situations, you would have to have it as a toggle.

  7. Agreed, you get so many diamonds and nothing to do with them after the first 3-5 minutes of the game.

  8. I don’t think we need more tools, and I 100% agree with height limit but they probably had it to stop skybasers. But yes pls make height limit higher hive.

  9. The inventory shop model works better imo as its alot easier to buy items.

  10. Never really noticed it, but seems harmless to add a toggle for it.

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