The TW map (Enigma) anticheat bug

**Affected Service (Treasure wars duos, Map: Enigma, region(s) NA, EU, and AS)
This has affected the following:Specifficly Gameplay And Anti-Cheat

What is the bug?
This is a bug i like to call the enigma fence anticheat bug so this bug initially happens when you walk in a certain spot between the block placed and the fences that are stacked or independant and this somehow triggers the anticheat for IE: Unfair advantage

Device(s) & Version
I used nintendo switch and android and the affected updates are: 1.18.20-1.19.1

Screenshots and/or video:
the first one is my main account pov and the second one is my alt account pov i used mobizen to record the evidence and i used a mp4 to gif converter because it doesnt accept mp4 file for some reason any way it will be a gif

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Thanks for taking the time to submit this bug report. Sorry to hear about this, it seems like you’re getting kicked by our anti-cheat. We’re constantly working on fixing false positives.

Hope you have a wonderful day! :blobheart: