The Murder mystery XP cap

It’s about the murder mystery updates,

Since murder mystery added prestiging, that makes the game even more exciting. But one thing Hive didn’t upgrade is the xp cap. A lot of people complaining or suggesting to add more xp for collecting the coins. That’s not the case, how about Hive just increase the xp cap 30 to 50.

This might solve the problem. And you see. Murder mystery is one of the hardest gamemode to grind. And now it has level 600 ! So it might comes in handy, I hope people support it as well as the Hive developer team.

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I don’t see it as a Problem. You can get more coins in a game but also games are quite faster now.

Yes, i totally agree with you, it is faster but still not easier when u still died in your 1st minute.

But when u got a murderer who isn’t killing, you just get 240 xp. But after this update you will get a little bit more xp then usual, so people who are new and struggling with grinding can get a little bit more xp in these types of situations.

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The XP Coin cap has been increased from 30 to 40 in the new Murder Mystery Balance Patch update released earlier today :slightly_smiling_face: