The hive should change (A thought on long term gamemodes)

I know that the hive will not add long term games like skyblock but there is a thought that came in my mind

The hive should maybe change to not being a minigame server because tbh its getting really repetitive and the community might get bored because some updates take too long to be released

If there is atleast one long term game that is not repetitive and has actual progression, the community might not get bored and can increase their patience waiting on updates because they have something to do in the server

NOTE: this is obv not a dupe and im not suggesting skyblock or something, im suggesting the hive to change so the community will not get bored because of repetitive gamemodes

NOTE #2: I dont want a mod to close this thread, i want to hear a feedback from a hive team and you guys


Honestly it sounds good to me.
I think a game that is a mix of skyblock and those prison mine things would be cool. To unlock more mines you must do achievements, such as get a total of 1,000 kills in treasure wars. I think it would provide months of grinding, if done correctly. As well as be pretty easy to update, just add more shops and mines when a new game comes out.

Sounds good
With skyblock, hive could get almost double or even more it’s current player count.

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For the first time anyone has suggested something like this, I completely agree.

At the rate hive is rolling out updates, player have enough time to get bored of hive and stop playing.

Adding something like skyblock would not only attract more players to hive, but would also cement the current playerbase in the server, since it is less repetitive.

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oh my god <lol, it was probably a joke>

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I agree I Have just started playing the Hive again and it gets boring really easily

and a game like skyblock would make this sever great again

Honestly hive needs to stop being so stubborn with their server
Not adding features and games many people want just because “cubecraft/hypixel did it” is so stupid. and not adding long term gamemodes which would be easy updates (unlocks, perks, etc) and would attract more players as cubecraft skyblock is pretty bad and other servers are p2p, and would keep players on longer and more consistently, but they won’t just because the subscript under the hive sign says its a minigames server


I never really liked the idea of a survival type game mode, but i now think the hive would greatly benefit from a long term game mode (not survival but maybe an adventure mode or something)

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You know what else is against the rules? Doing what you just did, and what I’m doing rn.

In the 2 years I’ve been on the forums, I have always seen people do this, and done it myself. Until the other day the mods have never really cared

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I saw this post and bump this, also I never played java before, are there long term gamemodes there?

hypixel will be your best friend

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