The hive arcade

The hive arcade would be a collection of games that don’t deserve their own NPCs. The hive arcade system will have games that still have there own lobbies (as in people will be able to queue for specific arcade games.), but they won’t have unique waiting lobbies like all the other games have. Arcade games also won’t have a leveling system or game exclusive cosmetics. Arcade games would consist of games that don’t take long to develop. The games should also only have 2-3 maps.Lots of people have been suggesting tnt run and block party, so instead of making them there own games with NPCs, the Hive could put them on their arcade. The Hive Arcade will be a great place for the hive to put games that maybe don’t deserve there own NPC, and don’t take long to develop. Since many people have been complaining about the hive not having enough games, I think the Hive Arcade would be a great addition to the Hive’s bedrock server. Some more suggestions I would have about the hive arcade, is to have a small quest point reward (maybe 5 qp) to give people motivation to keep playing since there are no levels. The hive arcade could launch with 1 or 2 games ( I would personally recommend tnt run and block party since those are frequently requested but they don’t really need a leveling system) and the hive can slowly add more overtime.
(edit) if The Hive does release The Hive Arcade Somewhere down the line one of the games included should be some form of party games ( a series of rounds that each include a game that take 30 seconds or less and you earn points for every round and the one with the most points win) since this is another highly requested game that might not warrant there own NPC.

I don’t think they should give quest points for it. Also, they could have leveling, but the leveling is across arcade games and cosmetic unlocks are simpler.


i really want this to be added honestly


Well the main point of an arcade system is that the games don’t take as long to develop so I don’t think there should be cosmetics


I approve of this in the future


I mean, if the cosmetics can work across all of the gamemodes, I don’t see it as defeating the purpose

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I think it should have levels. People dont grind questpoints as much as xp

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