The Glare as a pet

Adding the Glare as a pet. It would cost 1000 qp.

The glare would be up for a few months in the quest point shop and cost 1000 qp. It would be a pet that follows you around, and would glare at you when you go near a game npc that you don’t have a quest in. After a bit, it will start to place bells, and ring them. This will only be visible to you and your party members.(edit:the bells would only be visible to you, the glare and it glaring are visible to everyone.
The glare is a mob that lost in the mc live mob vote.

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I mean maybe when they add pets and mounts but I don’t think that’s coming anytime soon


I’d love to see the glare revived as a pet. It wouldn’t cost qp though, Hive wouldn’t do that sadly.