The digger

As a YouTuber who makes lots of trapping videos I thought it was cool if they can add the “digger” to the trap kit. When you start off you get three diggers and every kill you get one. The digger mines a 1x1 hole to the void for you. This helps with setting up a trap like a pressure plate or snow slab over the hole.

Or each digger can be like a treasure wars auto Bridget and last 8 blocks per digger

Like a 1x1 hole that digs straight down until it reaches an air block?

Yes, that’s what I mean

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They may need to nerf this a little, but other than that, voted! :ballot_box:


Can you give me an idea I have very poor creativity


No problem!

Maybe it could dig down 8 blocks?

Or it could dig down until it breaks? (Inspiration from TW Auto-Bridgers)

I like the second one better, but it’s your post!


I made the edit


I like this idea! The current trapper kit isn’t the most useful, so I’ll vote.


Preciate it man!

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I like this idea, cubecraft used to idk if they still have, they had a drill that would dig down to void in lucky blocks this could be similar!

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Oh Fr that’s cool, ye hopefully this gets added to the trapper kit make it a bit more trapper like

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Maybe the chance to reflect damage should be removed to counter balance this addition.
Or this could be a different kit since the Trapper Kit already has the Spell of Invisibility.

How do you think the ‘digger’ should be implemented?
  • Add the ‘digger’ to the Trapper Kit
  • Create a new kit with the ‘digger’
  • Indifferent (Don’t care)
  • Other
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Considering the voting is all split up I’ll take a look at this and think of a kit that could be used

I really like this idea. it’s pretty balanced realistically and could be fun XD