The Daily Buzz!

I’ve noticed that some games’ lobbies always fill up quite rapidly (ie, Sky Wars, Murder Mystery, Block Party, etc.) while others (ie, Just Build, Ground Wars, Survival Games, etc.) seem to have much longer wait times before enough people join. Often, even when enough people do join, it is usually the bare minimum that can result in unbalanced teams.

While I realize that this is just a reflection of the public’s favorite Minecraft minigame types, I thought it would be advantageous to give some of the less popular games a little leg up in popularity. That way, those who do enjoy playing those less popular games won’t be perpetually stuck waiting in lobbies.

Introducing the HIVE’s Daily Buzz! Each day, one minigame will be selected for this spotlight. For that whole day, players can earn bonuses such as increased quest points or experience boosts involving that game. With this rotation, every game can have a chance to be popular!

Daily Buzz Events:

  • Bring Home the Bacon! (Capture the Flag) :triangular_flag_on_post:
  • Whodoneit?? (Murder Mystery) :mag_right:
  • Gotta Keep Moving! (Block Drop) :green_square: :yellow_square: :orange_square: :red_square:
  • Avast and Defend! (Treasure Wars) :pirate_flag:
  • Sky-High Havoc! (Sky Wars & Sky Wars Kits) :cloud:
  • Amazing Architects! (Just Build) :hammer_and_wrench:
  • Can’t See Me! (Hide and Seek) :eyes:
  • Cheating Death! (Deathrun) :skull:
  • Bonanza on the Bridge! (The Bridge) :red_square: :blue_square:
  • Eggstravaganza! (Ground Wars) :egg:
  • And Then There Were Four! (Survival Games) :bow_and_arrow:
  • Disc-oh yeah! (Block Party) :mirror_ball:

This is essentially featured games, which has been suggested before.


This is a really good idea! I definitely like the concept of featuring games to increase player counts. Hopefully Hive adds this :smile:


This is basically featured games, which is a dupe

Also @JJ81611 if you say a suggestion is a dupe, don’t forget to link it if you can


I tried doing a search for similar ideas, but this one didn’t pop up :thinking:

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Good Idea!!!


Hi Pandakass3! I just want to say I appreciate you learning English, or using a translator, just to communicate with us! Have a nice day!

Yeah, that’s been happening a lot recently… :thinking:


Next time, try searching for other possible ways to word your suggestion to make SURE it’s not a dupe. This is one where ppl might call it “featured games, or daily game”. By just searching whatever you are calling it (especially if it is a creative name like your’s) there is a way lower chance of any similar suggestions popping up.