The Bridge Tips/Ideas

Tips: Since many have mixed opinions on the Kits and other various things in the new Bridge gamemode on The Hive, some ideas that might work could be to make 2 versions of the Bridge: “The Bridge” and “The Bridge (Kits)”. Sort of like “Skywars” and “Skywars Kits”. This way people who want the original and pure skill based Bridge mode can play the original one, and those who want a bit of a fun twist to the game can play “The Bridge (Kits)” mode! Also, usually the bridge takes 5 points to win and not 3. So maybe think about adding 2 more points to the bridge and maybe a couple more minutes to the round length with it! In addition, I think it would be a good idea to make the bridge longer and completely concrete without the glass. This is because the longer the bridge the better the races can be and it can get really intense and super fun. Also the leap wont get you halfway across the map too I guess lol. And also there are strategies with tunneling and juking with different holes in the bridge so being able to dig through the bottom layers of the bridge could be cool too (except it would all have to be concrete). Lastly, I think maybe making the spawn point a little lower would be a great change because with the spawn point as high as it is, its a little hard sometimes to strategically void. Also maybe only have the tube around the spawn be for the countdown after each goal you score, and then have it disappear when the round begins (of course these could change with different style maps and so could the spawn point, void not being water, and the tube itself). Thanks for your time and I hope at least some of these can help you guys! :slight_smile:

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I agree with all the things you said except for the breaking the bridge but thats my opinion

Overall this is a great idea

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Bump ig
Somehow i agree with everything here, great suggestion, but I don’t know if bridge has a strong enough player base to fill lobbies consistently through 2 games / 4 game modes, but then again it is only 1v1 or 2v2

Literally nobody has complained about the bridge having kits. Why would anyone need this?