The Bridge Respawn Time

The Bridge Respawn time

I feel like whenever i kill someone near their base they just instantly respawn and stop me from scoring.

So I think the bridge should have a 3 second respawn time to prevent this.

Hello @Ravioli5649, even though the respawn time is fast, going down takes time. And also i do suggest hitting your enemy with snowballs (if you are sb kit) when the enemy is near u and u are abt to score.

The almost immediate respawn time makes the games faster and more fun for players (or so I’ve thought) :beedance:

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So with the respawn time, this is made to make fast respawns so if someone is near your goal, you still have a fighting chance to prevent them from winning. If i’m honest, I dont see a huge issue with the current respawn time.

Imaging a 3 second respawn time, this would allows SO much time for the opposing player to get atleast half way across the bridge.

I have played bridge a lot on another server (Not disclosing to prevent advertisement) and I have 512 wins. From this I learned the importance of time management, if you mess up trying to get to the other side, you have probably lost because of time.

So the issue here is just how long the respawn time should be.
Too short = Immediate respawn
Too Long = Time Waste/Higher Chance Losing

However this is just my opinion