The Bridge Casual

So every time when I play the bridge, there’s always a sweat who uses the leap kit to leap past you, and every time I try to fight them, they always spam blocks and run away.

I think this can be countered by having a mode called The Bridge Casual. In this mode, you have to have at least one kill before scoring, snowball kit only gives 4 snowballs, the leap kit is nerfed a little more, and the golden apples heal you fully.

This would make it so people can play The Bridge without sweats who just play to grind xp.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post!

What if it was no kits

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I like the idea of kits, also, the Hive probably won’t remove them.

While I am a mobile who really hates sweats, I don’t think this would fix any issues bc the sweat would just kill you and score and you would now have to kill them to score too. Just friendly reminder that these also would help the sweat too

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Yes, but at least now, non sweats have a chance to fight back instead of just getting dusted.

Making the game more reliant on skill isn’t going to give you an advantage over sweats.

Anyone can use the leap on a good player, but not everyone can get a kill, then score on one.