The Blockdrop Nemo Situation

T.L.D.R: The Nemo removes skill from Blockdrop.

Alright, let me start off by saying I am not just a random player being a crybaby because I got hit with a nemo one too many times. I am currently top 100 this month in Blockdrop on the leaderboards. Also, I know a similar debate went down with Skywars and I’m not trying to open that can of worms again. Please try to keep the comment section clean down there.

So, the skill required to be good at the game is movement. But, when a nemo is in play the goal goes from being the last man standing to not being the one who gets nemo’d. I feel as though that the nemo removes skill from blockdrop and turns it into who can get lucky enough to get a nemo.

Now, whilst there are counters to the nemo one is luck based, one is based on reaction time, and one is being a coward. Two of these counters are circumstantial and the other is based on skill and reaction time.

But what if they added Nemos to give noobs an edge against pros? Well sure that’s very thoughtful of them but you run into the fortnite situation where the devs created new guns and mechanics to help give noobs an edge but pros also got ahold of them and noobs didn’t have that edge anymore. “But Fosta! If noobs didn’t have the opportunity to use nemos then the pros would just dominate them!” And to that I say get good. But couldn’t nemos have also been added to speed up games?

Like I said previously Blockdrop is a skill-involved last man standing game. And thus the game should rely on the skill of players to end the game and not the nemo.

Okay so what is my proposed solution to this? Well although I’d like to advocate for total removal of nemos I’m sure very few players would agree with that. So I propose instead that nemos only appear later in the game. I would say 7 minutes into the game nemos are added to the power-up drop table.

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The Knockback Nemo is given to random players in SkyWars (which is what some players dislike), however you need parkour skills and collect power ups to get the Knockback Nemo is Block Drop. Rewarding “noobs” for not collecting power ups doesn’t seem fair and pretty much all the sweats only collect power ups for the purpose of getting experience and Knockback Nemos (and extra vaults to stay safe).

The Knockback Nemo is perfectly balanced in my opinion, and does not need to be changed.


I agree with this. It’s super rare, balancing its power. It’s thrilling to get one in either game, and is a nice little touch :slight_smile:

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Oh no they’ve reached blockdrop too…

As others have said the nemo is perfectly fine


This is actually the reason I like the Nemo mainly because there are many games where another sweat and I are on the same layer for a while and neither of us will fall so then it’s the goal of getting the Nemo to actually end the game, and even then pros know how to not get hit off by the nemos, so there is still skill at not getting knocked in a bad area

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Top 100 and can’t dodge nemos?

Ok but seriously, like everyone else in the replies I think its balanced, and it’s not too bad even when you get hit by a nemo.
Most of the time you can use the leap to recover if you’ve got good enough reaction time (and not on mobile) and even on mobile you can keep running away until either they fall or you get a nemo yourself.

If you don’t have leaps, you should be more focused on getting more powerups, as every powerup (except for safe walk) can be useful for getting away.
Plus, noone can get nemos if they can’t get powerups in the first place.

Nemos definitely don’t remove skill at all, I think it’s the opposite really. If two competent players are alive and one has a nemo, the player without the nemo will have to skillfully dodge the nemo, but the person with the nemo also has to have skills to hit this competent player.

Also about the ‘edge to noobs’ thing, most of the time in an environment without nemos the pros will still win.
Yes a pro with nemo against a noob is never a good thing for the noob, but as i stated, the noob is bound to die eventually, and the nemo just speeds up the process.
And finally a noob with nemo will give the noob the upper hand, if they manage to get it.


If it’s too problematic i’ll remove the first bit i just think it’s kinda funny.
Just ignore the first bit and take in the rest of the post explaining why this nemos aren’t broken.


Blockdrop nemo is combatable by leap. I’ll say it’s fair in the game considering it’s a chance drop.

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Yes it’s completely fine I agree with Rechenheft

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I like how it’s called “The situation”, it makes it sound like Nemo needs to make an apology video or something