The Ability To See Which Blocks Are Left Needs To Be Nerfed

This function is too op. Seekers get this at 3 minutes. The game lasts at a maximum 5 minutes. Can you see how that’s kinda stupid? Also, the fact this lasts the entire game no matter what also feels op. If by 3 minutes there are 15 seekers and 1 hider you will still get the ability. Now sure, this is rare but it has happened to me multiple times. Or 10 seekers and 6 hiders; Still arguably op. Now that the issues and explanations have been stated, here’s 3 ways I propose this is fixed:

  1. If it is after 3 minutes and there are 10 or more seekers the ability will be taken away or not given.

  2. The ability is given later into the round were I suggest at most 2 and a half minutes into the round.

  3. A mixture of both 1 and 2 combined.

This has been on my mind for a while and I just wanted to talk about it. And chances are this a dupe post but why not bring it up again if it is? This is all my opinion and you are free to disagree and agree and write why in the comments! Also, THIS IS A SUGGESTION even if the title slightly frames it a different way.

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I can see why you think this is an issue, but I don’t really think it is op. I’m my opinion it’s pretty balanced and gives a fair shot to app players

That’s not how that works unfortunately


the fact that even with this people still win games by hiding even against competent seeker mains is a testament to how the game is already fine and doesn’t need changes, with the exception of maybe removing the Hospital map from the game pretty please?


hospital is the best map

also i don’t really like the suggestion tbh bc i don’t find the ability to see what blocks are left function to be op, even when it’s given at 3 minutes. Because hiders still win games so that shows that it’s not broken


I personally think there are no issues with Hide and Seek. It’s been around for so long and has had very little changes and little to no complaints, I think this change would be very controversial and disliked by a lot of players.

You must be a seeker main, since hospital is the second worst map for runners and hiders and noobs.

I agree tho, that because hiders still win the game against competent seekers sometimes, its not overpowered.

No, Hospital is so op for hiders and has lots of great hiding spots
But yeah it’s fine although the game is too often won by hiders imo
Better share my opinion before they close this too

ew i hate being seeker. also hospital is amazing for hiders

I don’t really understand why this is op, 3 mins is a little too long to have the…. thing (idk what to call it :confused:) but if the seekers haven’t found all the hiders by 2-3 minutes then they obviously have no idea what they are looking for. I don’t think this should be removed but I do think the time they get it should be shortened

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It’s not like they are being given an approximate location of where everyone is hiding. It’s just a way of telling players what they are looking for.

On the note of nerfs, I’d rather see a nerf to hiders first, particularly hiders that run around the map trolling new players and wasting time. ie. give hiders slowness after they are hit by a seeker or give them a general way to make hiders easier to catch in these instances.

oh my goodness no, if u cant catch a runner thats just a you problem. you need to ignore them and kill everone else so that you can just mass rush the runner and corner them. Nerfing runners would make a large number of the playerbase quit hide and seek and noone wants that.


Disagree, I look at the new players who start the game coming in with a runner constantly hitting them, combo’ing even in some cases when the seeker has learned to ignore them. The strategy is just an upright toxic way to play, especially considering these same players, when they are finally caught, will just q into the next game when they are caught.

Additionally not that many players will be discouraged from Hide and Seek, rather I see it that more people would be encouraged to play the way the game was intended, y’know, hide and seek. To add to that people may also be encouraged to seek as well knowing that there won’t be anyone trolling lobbies with their “skill” when there is already a game on the Hive called Death Run.

Runners serve a very important purpose, which is to protect noob hiders. The only time a runner is annoying is when you’re a seeker, but in that case just ignore them and hit them when they get close. However, seeker mains make the game very toxic to new players and discourage them from playing more. If anything, seeker mains should be nerfed, but I don’t think that should happen because it’s still a perfectly valid way to play. Hide and seek is fine as is.

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Goodness gracious. Never in my life have I seen a more blatant sign that someone is a seeker main


I find it funny how everyone completely disagrees with my post yet there is so much discussion happening on this! I love it; Please keep it up hivers!


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Maybe implemented as a tracker. It could say cool warm and hot delending on how near you are to a block. It can be given to you at 1:30 left

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Also nice idea

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