The ,,A,, Bug in the Hive Server

Hello Hive Crew,

I am writing because i have a problem with the Hive server Chat and that is when i write a sentence and that sentence contains the letter ,A, in it then my whole sentence is just deleting from itself just like that

I play on My Laptop Windows 11

I made a Video on Streamable with the Thumbnail: (The Hive server ,A, letter bug)
I tried to upload it here in this message here but its not working since its not jpg. Or anything else

Hey there,

Thanks for submitting a bug report.

We’d really need a video to be able to look into this further, if you could reply with the link to your Streamable video, that’d be super helpful!

Try uploading it on Youtube and then uploading the Youtube video here.

If that doesn’t work use to convert the video into a .gif format

And if that doesn’t work try screenshotting parts of the video and uploading it here

If neither of those work then idk what to do but there’s some suggestions

(Hive staff please don’t delete this post i’m trying to help :pleading:)


We haven’t heard of this issue from any other players, so, if this happens again please create another report and attach a video.