Texture pack menu for console

Texture packs have always been a pain to install using a console. However, there’s a way around it if you’re running the server yourself - apply a pack to the server. I’m not asking for a forced Hive texture pack, just for example a /pack command that will send a transfer (the same way it is to change region) to the same server you’re connected to, but the server will store what pack your IP selected and apply it when it detects you trying to connect as the Minecraft protocol will send a ping to the server before it starts downloading the server’s texture pack, and this would mean that it can be changed per IP, however the Xbox authentication ping/packet is sent after the pack is downloaded, as far as I’m aware.

If you do go ahead with this I think that you should host community packs or favourite packs of the staff.

just use the menu in the pause menu lmao :man_facepalming:

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I know that you can use global resources, but it’s difficult to install non-marketplace packs on console.

that a mojang thing not a hive thing hive, go add it to the suggestion on minecraft thing idk what its called

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what benefit does Hive see in doing this? they have to use extra storage in their servers for what? maybe some slightly less inconvenienced players?

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Microsoft is the parent company of Mojang, and they call the shots. Anything that gets made has to go through Microsoft’s monetization schemes.

It’s not mojang’s fault that consoles can’t get packs, it’s the console provider’s fault

Mojang actually makes most of the decisions

Nintendo Switch has the capability to import packs from an SD card, yet you can’t do it because Microsoft don’t want you to get stuff for free.
Mojang make the gameplay decisions, Microsoft do the monetization.

Wanted to go over this, this wouldn’t be allowed by Mojang, and the hive could get in trouble by doing this feature.

It would be also problematic for the hive, since it mainly community stuff that could be hidden in the texture pack, like hacking, viruses, and other stuff.

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How can a texture pack have a virus

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Anything can have a virus these days since he also said about installing it into the server

Some packs are in a .zip file, or a normal folder, not the .mcpack format. With these, although it is only supposed to contain image and .json files, it’d be very easy to hide a virus in there by just tossing it in a random subfolder.


.zip files are just folders, and so are .mcpack files. You can’t put viruses in a pack unless the user of the pack runs them, and the Hive won’t run them.

Understandable, have a great day.

yes, .zip is a folder, and did you know that you can put files in a folder? also I believe you can make self-running programs