Text superposition reupload




I don’t know if the staff team can, but if they fix the text supperposition it will be really cool. I know TheHive want to be a clean server so it will do more ‘professional’ to not have this little thing. I’ve already post this in bug but someone told me to do it here and sorry for my bad english

I dont think they can do much about this since its a minecraft feature

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I might be wrong but I think you can off set these in the UI or GUI folder in a Resource pack.

I might have seen something along the line of this while digging in the Hive Server Resource pack. I think there is already few line of codes that fix this. I Might be wrong.

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Yep its in the code but I don’t know if you are allowed to edits this for your own use. Try asking the staff before Editing anything in the File yourself.


Make sure to vote for your own suggestion

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Hey i ask to someone from the staff he answer me that’s good. Btw what do I need to edit on this page to make the change ? Thanks !

I have not experiment with any of these yet, but you can find the file path in the picture on the top.