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I’m an south African player on the hive and on my nearest region EU i get 180 ping making it harder in all games. Even though i click 12cps i still can lose fights due to that.

As a lot of other Players suggested that they should add an Australia region/south African/South American Servers. The fundamental problem with it is that the hive does not pull enough players for these to be a region thus making it impossible.

So here is my suggestion: At the main time for players in these regions to join at weekends these regions will open allowing players to play on them that night . They will appear at the Change region npc at the hub . IT will have a show clearly that the region is temporarily closed and maybe greyed out(With the new Hud this might not be possible) When a player tries to join at a time when the region is closed it can, for e.g. say:

Sorry the Australian server is currently closed. You can play on it at (the next time the servers open) 5-9 pm Tomorrow .For more info visit Forum.playhive.com for more info on temporary regions.

There are a few major problems with this:

The hive has data from where a player joins the hive (as said in the translations update)
I do not have that data and thus I don’t know the exact amount of people joining from these regions . If only about 50 joins from a certain region on these times it would be impossible but if 3000 players joins from e.g. Australia they can likely do this.

There might be a logistical error with the server’s that only is running at a certain time. The company’s who own the servers maybe can’t do this thus rendering this idea useless.

That is it from me. Thanks for reading!

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Hello, :wave:t2:

What i got from what you said is that. Hive isnt putting up more servers because there arent many players?.
(correct me if im wrong btw)

starting off, the hive is well aware of this issue.

and correcting what you said… there are actually a lot of players in the Oceania and south america regions.
I don’t work for the hive, but as a person who’s into servers. I think its hard for them to control and maintain…
I also think the hive is restricted by rules Microsoft put up that we dont know.
those are just simple answers.

AGAIN, the hive already acknowledges this problem so there isnt much we can do.

ps: if you are tech savvy there are ways you can get you ping a bit lower.
please dont mind how i type stuff, i just like texts separated XD.

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Umm no that is not what I meant. I meant to say that these regions don’t get enough players to get their own region.

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thats not the issue.

Ummmm then I must have misunderstood you

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its okay.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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