Technoblade Map?

New map: “When pigs fly”?

Should there be a map in honor of technoblade?

-There can be pig sties with a pig with wings statue as the bases
-A Bastion and a piglin statue as the “In-between”
-A statue of Technoblade and His sword at the Center of the map.

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Hive said they wouldn’t really add anything that has to do with Technoblade. Its not that Hive is being disrespectful but he was more associated with Hypixel and Minecraft Java in general.


Even how amazing this would be as a map, and as a tribute, Oblivion (and clank) said it correctly. Also its a bit late now.


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Like Oblivion said, I agree that Hypixel was his home :slight_smile: the Hive wasn’t really associated with him