Technoblade costume or a pig rank or a pig with crown pet

i think a great way to show are respect to technoblade, and it would be cool to have a costume of a king pig or a purple pig+++ rank, or a cute pig with a crown pet. Technoblade never dies!!!

Welcome to the forums! Hive have already said they wouldn’t do this as to not seem like they are exploiting his death. This suggestion was also a dupe so please use the search tool in the future.

As nice as this would be, techno blade was never a part of the hive community nor really the mcbe community. So this wouldn’t really make sense

Like we have said before, we unfortunately won’t be doing anything as such. We do not wish to exploit his passing as a way to receive attention. We shouldn’t be making this about us but rather about remembering him, I hope you can understand that :slightly_smiling_face: