Team Upgrade Ideas

I got some new team upgrade ideas!

-Lights out: When a enemy destroys your bed with this upgrade, they will be blinded for 8 seconds
-Stunned: When a enemy destroys your bed with this upgrade, they will be slowed for 8 seconds
-Spring Trap: When a enemy destroys your bed with this upgrade, they will be launched back 2 blocks

Any balances and additional ideas are appreciated!

Second Chance: Extra Bed spawns after 30 secs of surviving without dying (Very Expensive)

Bed Decoy: Temporarirly destroy your bed and place it somewhere else (wont be able to respawn while moving it and if you die im not sure if it should go back or die (the bed)) then a decoy bed appears where its normally but that one acts like a Horcrux instead and must be destroyed in order for the other new bed to be destroyed but aswell when the Decoy is destroyed you get like something bad

Interesting but I think they are to op with the current generator speeds


i love this idea voted!

This is a great idea! Perhaps this is something we can see in upcoming seasons. :smile:

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Why not add part of my idea to the post too??

It would be good enough if the enemy enters your base and then one of the team upgrades you’ve suggested just… runs. Traps upgrades, but only after breaking the bed

Cool! Voted!

A team upgrade that would be good would be sharpness and protection upgrades. It could be balanced out by increasing the price to match the generator speeds also could be purchased by diamonds because theres not much use for diamonds after acquiring diamond armor and other upgrades,


Maybe you can take their bed and run away lol and you have to get your bed back that would be hilarious


No thats WAYyyyyyyy to OP

Spring trap seems weak. Maybe if the knockback have the equal power of a knockback boombox near you, it may worth as an upgrade.

All these upgrades should have a price of 5-6 emeralds.

Anyways, voted.