“Team Greifing” Reporting Option

Hi! I think there should be a new option when you use the ingame reporting feature. “Team Greifing” is common in some games (specifically mega games), and it could be useful to have in the new reporting feature. Anyway, that’s it. C ya!

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i hav only expeirienced one or two team greasers but regardless this should be a feature

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Yeah . Also stealing ores should be reportable.

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I think that would count as team greifing (cause stealing is bad)


i think the half of the mega sky-wars population would be ban if that were to happen


I don’t think a perma ban but a temporary ban

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Hi there! Ah team griefing can be annoying! I believe that in the future more options for in-game reporting will become available since I believe it’s not fully released yet. Thank you for the suggestion :blobheart:


yo this got added!! :)))

“Team Griefing” is now a reportable reason