Switching Hotbar while holding bow

Mobile or pe players are not allowed to switch Hotbar slots once charged bow so basically in murder mystery once you charge the bow you can’t let go. Maybe add some mod that lets us change Hotbar slots while holding a bow would really help

I don’t think this is actually possible? Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s more of a device problem than a Hive problem, I think.

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This is a Minecraft problem, not a Hive problem


I know that but I wanted to know of the hive could do it as Murder mystery is just based on the bow.

I feel like the hive would be able to pull this off keeping in mind how much they have been able to
I don’t know much about creation of mods but still…

able to… what?

The server is full of mods redstone gives absorbtion
Hearts and diamonds drop loot boom boxes and soo much more

It’s more commands and stuff, but yeah. I get your point. they might be able to.

I’m also in the same boat as you, I don’t really know much about mods.

Yup. It’s pretty annoying! But I don’t think hive can do something about it.

those can be done with mods/ loot tables and summon commands

the Hotbar changing code is done by Minecraft themselves and u need the original code for Minecraft bedrock for changing it, which is unavailable for bedrock

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