[Swarms] Allow Players To Edit The Loot Tables In Swarm Games

The purpose of this suggestion is to give players more freedom in editing the items that appear in Survival Games matches

As you most likely know, swarms are coming to The Hive. With swarms come private swarm games. These games allow you to alter the rules and create new modes. This suggestion is for players to be able to alter the loot tables in Survival Games.

How It Works
In the settings for a Survival Games Swarm game, there will be a setting labeled Loot Tables. Upon selection, this will take you to a list of categories where all of the items in Survival Games are organized. They will be:

  • Blocks - Just cobwebs, but you could add the option to use wool
  • Armor - Each individual piece of armor will be put here
  • Weapons - Each sword type, bows and arrows will be here
  • Special - Golden apples and snowballs will be here
  • Food - All types of food are here

From the list of items, you can see which ones are in which loot options from a glance, using the following abbreviations:

  • Tier 1 - T1
  • Tier 2 - T2
  • Cache Cow - CC
  • Supply Drop - SD

Upon selecting an item, you are taken to a list of the available loot options where you can select which ones you want. Selected ones have green text, deselected ones have red text. When you are done, you click Confirm.

The Potential
You could have some things deactivated by default, and give players the option to use more stuff, like building blocks, ender pearls, boom boxes, spells, and more!

Share some of yours!

Snowball Fight @SlimeGuy6675
Snowballs now appear in Tier 1’s, so people can go crazy with them

Rush @SlimeGuy6675
Tier 2 items can now appear in Tier 1s
Cache Cow and Supply Drop items can now appear in tier 2s
Game time is 2:30

If you like the post, be sure to upvote the post. If you don’t, tell me why so I can improve it. I hope that this suggestion will allow people to create lots of unique scenarios and have more fun with Survival Games.

Is it really necessary to put this? We already can see what it talks about in the title.

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You’re not wrong, IDK though. I guess I kinda forced it as a style thing.

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Im going to Bump this cus its a good Idea