[Swarms] Allow Players To Change The Number Of Murderers And Sheriffs In Swarm Games

The purpose of this suggestion is to create interesting scenarios with different role combinations in Murder Mystery.

As you most likely know, swarms are coming swiftly to The Hive, and with them, private swarm games with customizable rulesets. In Murder Mystery, there is one murderer, and one sheriff. But what if there were more? This suggestion looks to bring out the potential of changing the number of the special roles.

How It Works
In the rule settings for Murder Mystery swarm games, there will be an option labeled Role Count. Upon selection, you will be given two options:

  • Murderer Count - Allows you to change the number of Murderers
  • Sheriff Count - Allows you to change the number of Sheriffs

Upon selecting one of them, you will be able to type the number of the role you want in a textbox. The limits are based on the number of roles, with the following rules:

  • There must be at least one Innocent or Sheriff (This does mean that there can be no Innocents, or no Sheriffs, just not none of both.)
  • There must be at least one Murderer

There will also be another setting if there are multiple Murderers - Murderer visibility. If activated, the Murderer can see who the other Murderers are via a nametag, and they cannot hurt each other. If turned off, however, it can make the game very interesting as even the Murderer wouldn’t know who to trust…

UI Differences
The text telling the player whether or not the Sheriff is alive will now count the number of Sheriffs if there are multiple, and will use yellow if not all of them are alive. If there are no Sheriffs, it won’t appear.

Next to the Innocent counter under the boss bar, there will now also be a Murderer counter if there are multiple Murderers.

If you liked the post, be sure to upvote it. If you didn’t, tell me why so I can improve it. I hope that this feature will allow players to create new and interesting scenarios with different role combinations.

apparently, this could be a feature coming to swarms!

Can you show me the confirmation please?

i think i saw it somewhere

This is a feature of custom servers :slight_smile: