[Swarms] Allow Players To Alter The Number Of Leaps A Runner Has In Swarm Games

The purpose of this suggestion is to allow players to make games of Deathrun that feel more like The Hive Java

As you most likely know, Swarms are coming to the Hive, and with them, private Swarm Games. These games have customizable rulesets, which allow players to create new ways to play their favorite minigames. On The Hive Java, Deathrun uses three leaps rather than Bedrock’s one. This is to make the game simpler for new players, especially those on mobile. But with swarms, we can allow players to use more leaps, just like Java.

How It Works
In the ruleset settings for Deathrun, there will be an option above Leap Cooldown labeled Number Of Leaps. Upon selection, a textbox will show up where the player can choose between 0-5 leaps.

In order to combat the issue of multiple leap cooldowns, the leaps, when used, will be replaced with stain glass. The colors represent the following:

  • Red - Leap on cooldown
  • Orange - 10 seconds left
  • Yellow - 3 seconds left

If you like the suggestion, be sure to upvote it. If you don’t, tell me why so I can improve it. I hope that this will allow players to create games of Deathrun that have more strategy, or simply mirror the way they are on Java.

nice suggestion

I have an idea but i dont wanna make a post on it as you’re way better lmao

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